This year, the members of our association held the Celebration of Spring on April 30. Despite the uncertain weather forecast and the ungrateful date during the holidays, more than 200 visitors and performers gathered in sunny weather.

At 2:00 p.m., the members of our association, Roman Jeglič, welcomed the participants. As usual, they then walked through the orchards, meadows, among the fields for a good harvest ...

At 3 p.m., our young singers and dancers Krheljčki, the folklore group Grmada and the Dobrepolje Band, which will celebrate its 90th anniversary this year, performed in the center of the village. Green George was again on horseback this year, as was once a tradition in Velike Lašče, and the procession walked with him through the village to the fruit drying room, where visitors could buy something from the local social offer, and to the meadow by the road, where they could sit at the tables and get some food and drink.

Under the haystack with farm tools on display, they could see old country chores, as well as other heritage throughout the village. 

Already in the morning, members of the Ljubljana Association of Artists and local artists were creating in the village. From May 15 to 22, an exhibition of their works, named Spring was held in the Dom krajanov Turjak. At the opening of the exhibition, our members Irena Zore and Nada Petrović and villager Nataše Klinc recited their poems.

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