Already a traditional event Celebration of spring is usually the third Sunday in April at 2 pm.

The purpose of these events which happen all over Slovenia, is to chase the winter away and call in spring, as we are really looking forward to it each year. With singing and walking across the meadows and through the orchards we call in a good harvest. We also pay respects to the Sun and wish it to shine with all its might as soon as possible. Gifts are given to Zeleni Jurij (Green George) to ensure a good harvest. This event also invites the visitors to look at the interesting sights around the village and have a taste of homemade food. In the morning a painting workshop takes place for the members of the Painter's society Ljubljana, their works are later on display in Dom krajanov Turjak.

At 2 am in Gradež

  • walk through orchards, meadows, fields and woods
  • singing folk songs
  • show of old local chores
  • watching painters paint in the open air 

At 3 am

  • concerto of wind instruments band in the centre of village
  • spring parade with Zeleni Jurij (Green George) through Gradež
  • herdsmen's games
  • wide variety of homemade food
  • spring market and dancing

Some pictures from previous events: