Our association prepared the 16th exhibition of nativity scenes in the hidden corners of Gradež. From December 17, 2023 to January 7, 2024, 281 cribs of various shapes, sizes and materials were finally on display. 

On Sunday, September 17, we prepared both events with the great effort of all members and many other helpers. There were only 34 of us on the hike this year, but the main event, the Holiday of Dried Fruit, was attended by approximately 2,000 visitors.

At the ceremonial academy in Veliki Lašče on the municipal holiday, our member Boris Zore received the praise of the mayor Matjaž Hočevar. In the explanation, we heard many of his merits: he was one of the founders of our association, in the beginning the vice-president, then the long-term president, the initiator of the renovation of the fruit drying room, all the years one of the most active members, and also a local guide and currently the president of the supervisory board of the association..., that's why we are proud to his contribution to tourism and heritage preservation in our municipality. CONGRATULATIONS!



On Saturday, June 3, a good quarter of us members of the Association for Preserving Heritage from Gradež, organized by the Arriva Alpetour agency, took part in a professional excursion to Kočevska and bordering Croatia.

This year, the members of our association held the Celebration of Spring on April 30. Despite the uncertain weather forecast and the ungrateful date during the holidays, more than 200 visitors and performers gathered in sunny weather.

Our association organized three free workshops for children (and parents) in the fruit drying room.

Our association presented itself as part of the Tourist Association of Slovenia at the 33rd Alpe-Adria Fair, which took place from February 15 to 18 at the Economic Exhibition Center in Ljubljana.

On Saturday, February 18, 2023, masks were walking around Gradež again. In the morning, the youngest sang and danced with some of their parents, in the afternoon the "slightly older" ones married the bride again. There is no more snow, maybe we managed to chase away the winter. 

This year, the 15th Exhibition of nativity scene was held in the hidden corners of Gradež, from December 18 to January 8, 2023, 350 cribs were on display. 

On October 15, Metka Starič from the Parnas Institute organized the filming of a short film about Christmas bread (poprtnik), part of which was also filmed in Gradež.

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