On October 15, Metka Starič from the Parnas Institute organized the filming of a short film about Christmas bread (poprtnik), part of which was also filmed in Gradež.

In front of the drying room, the members of the association set up a stand and around the drying room some cribs to create a "Christmas" atmosphere, and our youngest vocal group Krheljčki performed.

Poprtnik is a ritual Christmas bread that housewives in Dolenjska, Notranjska and elsewhere still bake during the Christmas season. He is also called as priest, christmas etc.

The preparation comes from a tradition when bread had to be the main ritual dish on the table from Christmas to Epiphany. Nowadays, they bake bread in the shape of a loaf or in a model with dough decorations, most often before the Holy Three Kings, and in some places also for Christmas.

Since 2013, the preparation of poprtnik has been protected as intangible heritage, that is, it has been registered in the Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage at the Ministry of Culture. By February 2021, 15 bearers of the tradition of preparing poprtnik (informal groups of housewives from geographically circumscribed areas) were registered. Informal groups from our municipality are also bearers of tradition, among them is the coordinator from our association, vice-president Jožica Zabukovec.

The Parnas Institute takes care of the promotion of this heritage, the activities are also supported by the Municipality of Velika Lašče and the Public Institute Trubarjevi kraji.