Excursions and treks

Clean untouched environment is perfect for wandering and hiking. A Turjak Tourist Route is running through Gradež, leading you in a clean environment from the Castle of Turjak to the waterfalls Bajdinški slapovi, to the Church of St. Acacius on mountain Sveti Ahac and to other cultural and natural monuments. A Forest Educational Trail Turjak-Rašica is connecting Turjak with the home of Primož Trubar. There, the Velike Lašče Cultural Route starts, which leads to other interesting sights. The village Gradež is one of the important sights on the Route of Heritage from Idrijca to Kolpa. Also, the European long distance footpath E6 is passing through the village. E6 runs forward to the hills of Mali Osolnik and Veliki Osolnik and then to the village Predgozd where it forms a unique crossroads with footpath E7.

Hike through the parish where Trubar lived 500 years after his time

The roundabout trip begins in the Trubar birthplace in the village Rašica. There, visitors see his home estate, a memorial room, a sawmill and a watermill. Also, the tourist society Parnas organizes a live demonstration of bookbinding as an additional offer. The trail leads further to the Church of St. Kancijan in the village Škocjan, where Trubar was baptized, and to the Trubar monument in front of the church. Then, the trail passes the Hermit’s Cottage and reaches Gradež, where the exhibition in the fruit drying house is visited and guests are offered a snack. Also, there are many other things to do and see: old fruit drying house, old equipment and tools under Zabukovec’ kozolec, Strle’s kozolec with a wheeled drawer for drying of millet, old wine cellar in Korošec’ house, black kitchen and wooden granary at Andolšek, Zore’s apiary; workshops on hand-making toothpicks and wicker baskets, fruit drying in the old stove, traditional fruit storing and processing, home tradition of dairying and beekeeping. The trail then continues by the last remaining castle pond, pass the royal tomb and the old castle to the Castle of Turjak. There, visitors see the Chapel of Dalmatin, hear about the noble family of Turjaški, about their relation with Primož Trubar and the importance of Trubar for Slovenia and Europe. Visitors can also see what castle architecture was like in Trubar’s time and how the castle was completed and renovated. Additional offer comprises archery, chivalry dances and games. Finally, the trail joins with the Forest Educational Trail Turjak-Rašica, leading the hiker back to the village Rašica, where they see the stream Stajški, the Church of St. Bartholomew and a monument below the village.