Drying house is open to everybody

The Association doesn’t have their own fruit gardens, so every villager and anybody else who would want it can dry fruit in the drying house. Some of the people prefer leaving a half of their yield to the Association instead of paying the contribution for drying (money gathered is used for firewood purchase). The fruit that is given to the Association is then offered to the visitors of the drying house and to the visitors of different festivals in Slovenia.

There are also some other goods to offer: dried fruit in honey, dried fruit in home brandy (or blueberries, cherries, strawberries, juniper berries and walnuts in home brandy), spiced or not spiced apple cider vinegar, home marmalades of various fruits, stewed fruit, pickled vegetables; handmade toothpicks, wicker baskets, platters, plates, napkins, etc. In 2007, home produced cheese from cow’s milk is also available.

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