Association for Preserving Heritage

The Association is responsible for:

  • preserving natural and cultural heritage,
  • tourist development of the countryside – clean natural environment rich in heritage

The Association organizes:

  • field trips
  • workshops on traditional fruit drying and storing
  • workshops on hand-making toothpicks and wicker baskets
  • trips to the sites nearby that are rich in natural and cultural heritage
  • trips to the cultural, historic and natural beauties in the Municipality of Velike Lašče, a cradle of Slovene literature
  • trips to the sites of cultural heritage connected with rivers Idrijca and Kolpa
  • presentation of two composers from Gradež: Marij Kogoj and Jakob Jež
  • accommodation for visitors who wish to stay more than one day

Old Gradež Project

There are many things that the members of the Association would like to achieve in the following years. They named their work the Old Gradež Project:
  • maintenance of the renovated fruit drying house, which enables traditional fruit drying and hosts many workshops and a permanent exhibition about the history of Gradež;
  • planning and carrying out the project “Marij Kogoj memorial room”;
  • planning and carrying out the project “Renovation of the old Gradež village center”;
  • planning and carrying out the project “Arrangement of the water spring Mrzlica”;
  • planning and carrying out the project “Kogoj Promenade”
  • preservation of the remains of the ancient fort on Sloka gora and adaptation of a road leading there;
  • preservation of the kozolec with a wheeled drawer for drying of millet;
  • renovation of both chapels in Gradež
  • renovation of the village road;
  • renovation of the sewage system;
  • modernization of the telecommunications network;
  • restoration of the old wine cellar;
  • renovation of uninhabited houses that can serve as holiday houses in the countryside;
  • preservation and renovation of houses and other buildings in Gradež that are older than 50 years (three uninhabited houses have already received permission to qualify as tourist objects, and the costs of renovation have been estimated);
  • launching the didactic program “From soil to table” based on the collection of old tools and equipment under the Zabukovec’ kozolec;
  • horse and sheep breeding;
  • milk and cheese production;
  • bio production of traditional produce: fruits, natural juice, apple cider vinegar, home brandy, honey and traditional storage of produce
  • education of Gradež villagers on the possibility of registering an subsidiary occupation on the farm;
  • hand-making toothpicks, wicker baskets and souvenirs;
  • construction of an outdoor swimming pool.